Site Submissions

  • Do not post sites or pages which contain or link to adult or questionable content.
  • Do not post sites or pages that break out of frame, include pop-ups or request that the user stay on the page.
  • Do not post sites or pages which redirect to other pages i.e. ad.fly etc.
  • Do not post sites or pages which have illegal content or links.
  • Do not post sites or pages which provide the same services as LO.my with the only exception being Auto/Manual Surf Traffic Exchanges.
  • Do not post pages full of affiliate links or block ads, these pages will not be approved.
  • Certain submissions require admin approval.  Approval can take up to 24 hours but is normally completed sooner.
  • If you are submitting a site or page to the Facebook Likes or Google +1′s section of LO.my please make sure it has the necessary LIKE or PLUS1 buttons on the site or page, if it does not it will be banned.
  • Facebook links can only be added for Websites, Pages and Fan Pages.
  • Do not post Facebook links to images or URL’s with special characters.
  • Pages added to the Traffic Exchange must load within 5 seconds.  If they take longer than this the site will be banned.

User Accounts

  • Only one account is allowed per User / IP / Company / Household. Duplicate accounts will be disabled.


  • Free coins and coupons will be applied instantly to your account.
  • Purchased Coins can take up to 24 hours from the time of purchase but are usually applied much quicker. If it has taken longer than 24 hours and you feel there is an error please feel free to contact us.
  • Because coins are intangible goods, we cannot provide refunds for coin purchases, all coins bought can NOT be refunded.


  • Cheating is not tolerated in any way. If you are caught cheating you will be banned from the site permanently.
  • If caught using an affiliate link that is masked or in any other way that brings hits without your users knowing what is happening you will forfeit all earnings.
  • Please remember, cheating the system will not be permitted in any form.

Banned Site and User Accounts

  • We reserve the right to ban URLs or Accounts that we feel will spoil the Social Exchange for other users.
  • We try to avoid banning accounts where ever possible but repeat offenders will receive a permanent ban and all Coins, both purchased or earned, will be forfeited.

Inactive Accounts

  • Users who have not logged in within the last 30 days with a zero coins balance will be removed from the service.
  • Users who have not logged in within the last 60 days will be removed from the service.